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reader discussion

Reader Discussion: How Far Would You Travel To Catch A Pokémon?

by Ben Reeves on Sep 10, 2015 at 03:41 PM

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Nintendo and Pokémon developer Game Freak recently announced a partnership with Niantic Labs to work on a Pokémon game that will have players traversing the real world in order to capture those adorable little critters once again. But how far are you willing to travel for your favorite pokémon?

If you're not up to speed about Pokémon Go, check out Kyle Hilliard's thoughts on what he wants from this new pokémon game.

The title looks like it might use augmented reality to let people go out into the real world and capture pokémon with their cell phones. The announcement trailer showed a lot of people traveling to some exotic and far flung places to capture, trade, and battle pokémon, which might seem like a marketer's wishful thinking, but I know a few people who scheduled their vacations around Niantic Labs previous work, Ingress, so it might not be that out of the realm of possibility.

Have you ever played a game like Ingress? Can you see yourself hitting the road or trekking through the woods in order to capture an elusive pokémon? How far would you go to be reunited with your favorite critter?