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The Next Apple TV Supports Third-Party iOS Controllers

by Ben Reeves on Sep 09, 2015 at 10:52 AM

Apple recently made a big deal about the game functionality of its newest Apple TV, but buried under the fine print on the company's website is one intriguing new detail that Apple didn’t touch on in its presentation. The that new Apple TV will support MFi (Made for iOS) video game controllers.

Apple's Siri Remote features motion control inputs that allow developers to create some very Wii-like experiences on the Apple's media streaming device (read more about that here), but many action, platforming, and shooters practically require a traditional controller to play comfortably. Thankfully, Apple TV also supports MFi-based controllers such as Steelseries Nimbus (pictured above).

The Nimbus is a new controller that Steelseries has designed specifically for the Apple TV. Steelseries claims its rechargeable battery will hold 40+ hours of life, and can be recharged via a lightning connector. The controller will go on sale when the Apple TV does in October and will sell for $49.95.

“SteelSeries is at the center of the biggest evolution in gaming. Nimbus represents a new standard in wireless gaming controllers and we’re pleased to be bringing this controller to this incredible platform," said Ehtisham Rabanni, SteelSeries CEO. “Our global gaming pedigree, together with our unyielding pursuit of simple, modern design is on full display with Nimbus.  We’re thrilled to deliver a truly premium product for the new Apple TV at a great price.”


Our Take
Sony and Microsoft probably don't have anything to worry about here, but controller functionality does provide some new opportunities for games, provided that developer make use of it. However, the fact that Apple didn't even highlight this controller functionality in its press conference show's how little the company really cares about games.