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Readers Pick A Winner In The Metal Gear's D-Horse Vs. Witcher's Roach Battle

by Kyle Hilliard on Sep 06, 2015 at 01:41 PM

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Yesterday we asked readers to pick between what will likely be 2015's most prominent video game horses – Roach and D-Horse. Here are the results.

The winner was pretty clear – D-Horse is our reader's preferred mode of animal transportation in 2015. It may be because most players are currently playing The Phantom Pain so D-Horse is on their mind. It might also be because D-Horse can poop on command. I think the main reason, though, that many picked D-Horse over Roach, is because he has unlimited stamina. Roach tires after a period of time.

Many readers ignored the premise of the argument and decided to pick other well-known horses. One said Agro from Shadow of the Colossus, three folks said Epona from Ocarina of Time, and Shadowmere from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and any horse in Red Dead Redemption got four votes each. One commenter did call out a specific Red Dead Redemption breed. John Marston wrote, "The Kentucky Sadler," which is the fastes breed of horse in Red Dead Redemption.

Many were unsure, ultimately not casting a vote, but providing some interesting commentary about the argument.

KokoriPlayer wrote regarding the who would win in a race question, "D-Horse has infinite stamina so Roach had better win fast. Roach wins the sprint but D-Horse takes the marathon." colonelsanders backed up that idea writing, "It depends. If it's a straight path, Roach will win. But if you have to make any turns or sudden movements, Roach is outta' luck!

ulfstarstrider wrote, "If it is a race from altitude to the ground, Roach wins, since he doesn't have a parachute to slow him down."