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Here's Your First Look At Daniel Radcliffe And Bill Paxton In BBC's GTA Dramatization

by Kyle Hilliard on Sep 06, 2015 at 05:36 AM

The Gamechangers, the BBC's upcoming film covering the creation of Grand Theft Auto and its controversy starring Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton has its first trailer.

In the film, Radcliffe plays Rockstar co-founder, Sam Houser. Bill Paxton plays outspoken attorney and Rockstar Games rival, Jack Thompson. The teaser is only about 30 seconds long, but gives a good look at Radcliffe and Paxton's portrayals of Houser and Thompson, respectively.

The film premieres on BBC Two on September 15 and will cover the studio between 2002 and 2005 showcasing the aftermath of the release of Grand Theft Auto III through the Hot Coffee mod controversy of San Andreas.

We've reached out to Rockstar on a few occasions for its comments on the film, but have not received a response.

[Source: NewTrailersBuzz on YouTube, via Wired]