Batman: Arkham Knight Gets Long-Awaited ‘Interim’ PC Patch

by Mike Futter on Sep 04, 2015 at 02:14 AM

Batman: Arkham Knight on PC has been one of this year’s triple-A tragedies. The game was so broken at launch, that WB Games pulled it from digital storefronts. As of now, more than two months since release, the game is still not available for purchase. Work continues to repair Iron Galaxy's problem-ridden PC port.

That might be changing soon, as WB Games and Rocksteady have pushed the first patch intended to improve the game’s performance. Included in this update are a variety of optimization measures, improvement to performance on mechanical hard drives, and a deeper set of in-game settings.

The work isn’t done, though. Rocksteady has included a list of items that still need to be fixed. These include implementation of SLI and Crossfire support and fixes for issues that arise with certain operating system and hardware configuration pairings.

[Source: WB Games]


Our Take
Put simply, while Batman: Arkham Knight might end up being the go-to version, the cloud of failure hanging over it won’t be forgotten. This situation should never have happened, and has cost WB consumer trust among PC gamers.