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Gamers Respond To Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube Gaming And Let’s Play Ridicule

by Mike Futter on Sep 01, 2015 at 06:57 AM

“This is the most disliked video we’ve ever posted to YouTube,” says Jimmy Kimmel. The late night host is finding out the hard way what happens when you show how disconnected you are with the way audiences are consuming media.

Over the weekend, we shared a video in which Kimmel ridiculed the concept of Let’s Plays. While it might not be the way that he chooses to enjoy gaming, his comments showed a disconnect with younger audiences.

Gamers responded in predictable fashion, which includes some shocking and creative strings of insults. You can see one above and the rest in the video.

Kimmel takes the opportunity to double down on his attack on video game spectating in this video. Many of the commenters draw a parallel to watching sports on television. Kimmel’s response is that watching NBA basketball is fine, because he isn’t in the NBA.

It’s in this that it’s clear he misses the point of watching competitive gaming, or even skilled players that don’t compete. Not only does Kimmel show a disconnect with an enormous (and lucrative) form of entertainment, but further displays ignorance about the popularity and financial power of eSports.

Unfortunately, many of the comments (of which a few are shared in the video above) step far over the line. Death threats, invectives, and promises of violence to Kimmel’s loved ones pepper the responses. Regardless of what you feel about his comments, this kind of attack doesn’t make any of us look good. We can do better.