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Xbox One Elite Bundle Includes Solid-State Hybrid Drive, Elite Controller

by Jeff Cork on Aug 31, 2015 at 04:48 AM

Microsoft announced a new hardware bundle today, which is aimed at players who are looking for the highest possible performance. The Xbox One Elite Bundle includes an Xbox One kitted out with a 1TB solid-state hybrid drive and the console's new Elite Controller.

Microsoft says that because the hybrid drive stores the most frequently used files on a solid-state partition, it's up to 20-percent faster working from energy-saving mode than traditional drives. That faster drive is underneath a matte-black finish, which is a nice contrast from the usual glossy style that Microsoft has stuck with – especially if you were born with fingerprints.

The bundle will be available for $499 starting this November. During the first month, the Elite Bundle will only be available at Microsoft Stores and GameStop, which is Game Informer's parent company. 

In addition to the new bundle, Microsoft has revealed another new version of the controller. The Xbox One Special Edition Lunar White Wireless Controller may not have the pro-level guts and extras of the Elite Controller, but it does have a unique black, white, and gold color scheme. It's a GameStop exclusive, and it will sell for $64.99 starting in September.

Our Take
The Elite Controller alone will set you back about $150, so that $499 price point starts to seem like a better deal when you consider that. Of course, not everyone is going to want or need all the extra bells and whistles that the pro-level controller offers. The hard drive, on the other hand, looks particularly tempting. I've been downloading a lot of games lately, and my launch console's 500GB drive is starting to seem puny.