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Mad Max Gets Road Warrior-Themed Hood Ornaments On PS4

by Jeff Cork on Aug 27, 2015 at 04:59 AM

Avalanche has been cagey about where its upcoming Mad Max game fits within the film universe, and some new hood ornaments for Max's Magnum Opus car blur the lines even more. They include several nods to George Miller's The Road Warrior, at least giving the impression that Max has a real hoarding problem.

Max crossed paths with a variety of memorable figures in the 1981 film, including the fearsome Lord Humungus and his crew. What better way to warn the game's War Boys that trouble is coming than by plopping Humungus' hockey mask on your hood? The feral child's boomerang left an impression on Wez and his partner, The Golden Youth, and it's another great decorative option. All told, there are a dozen extra hood ornaments in the PlayStation 4 version, including the Longlooker, Wez's pads and mohawk, Humongus' mask, the Feral Child's boomerang, the aviator helm, the Furry Toadie, and Bearclaw's mask. These are timed exclusives, at least until Nov. 30, according to the trailer.

Mad Max is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Sept. 1.


Our Take
When I visited Avalanche earlier this year for our cover story, it was clear that the team's Mad Max fandom ran deep. I hold a similar reverence for The Road Warrior, and I'm happy to see the film referenced overtly like this. I know Mike had some issues with the UI and controls during his brief time with the game at Gamescom, but that hasn't tempered my enthusiasm for the game.