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Ryu Hayabusa Variant Statue Is Covered In Blood

by Hershall Cook on Aug 20, 2015 at 09:23 AM

Even when toy manufacturers recreate Ryu Hayabusa as a statue, he still looks like a deadly assassin. Multiverse Studio first announced a Ninja Gaiden statue in March, and the developer has now revealed two new variants, each only available at PAX Prime. Because only one hundred copies of each variant have been produced, anyone interested in purchasing one will need to act fast. 

The first statue showcases Ryu in a costume from earlier times, back when the Ninja Gaiden star wore blue instead of black.

In the second, Ryu sheathes his blades in favor of the Lunar Staff, a less common weapon from the series. This version also features additional blood splattered on Ryu's arms and the ground.

These Ryu Hayabusa variants will be available at the ThinkGeek booth at PAX Prime [Full Disclosure – ThinkGeek is owned by GameStop, which owns Game Informer]. To buy the original for $299.99, head to Multiverse Studio's website.