Nearly 30 Million Hours Of Fallout Shelter Played In The First Month

by Mike Futter on Aug 19, 2015 at 04:37 AM

If it only served as a gauge for Fallout 4 excitement, Bethesda’s free, mobile Fallout Shelter app released during E3 would be a success. However, it’s also raked in millions of dollars, as players purchase lunchboxes to welcome rare Vault Dwellers and equip them with powerful weapons and armor.

In an attempt to quantify engagement with its first foray into free-to-play, Bethesda put together an info graphic featuring some impressive statistics from the first month. To date, 85.4 million vaults have been created, with nearly 30 million hours played across 1.08 billion sessions.

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Given that the data covers the first month of release, it doesn’t take into account the flood of new Android players joining in August. Many have moved on since late-stage play was a bit too easy, but Bethesda is giving them reason to return.

Deathclaws are now attacking vaults and molerats join radroaches in investing your rooms and attacking your dwellers. Life underground just got harder. Will Fallout Shelter hold you over until November, or will you put it down in favor of other things before returning to the wasteland in Fallout 4 on November 10?

[Source: Bethesda]


Our Take
Given the hype around Fallout 4, the time (and financial) investment players are making in Fallout Shelter isn’t surprising. This is a clever way to keep the excitement bubbling without revealing too much about the big event this November. Bethesda is keeping the brand in the news without giving away anything major about Fallout 4.