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You Can Vote On Press Play's Next Game

by Hershall Cook on Aug 18, 2015 at 07:39 AM

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Microsoft announced today Press Play (Kalimba, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood) is giving fans a chance to select the studio's next title. This marks the first step of many in a new development initiative designed to keep the gaming community engaged and informed as Press Play works on its upcoming game.

The three options for Press Play's next game range from sadistic to creative. In Knoxville, a third-person action-survival game, players must work together to win a brutal game show. Collaboration proves harder than expected, as the show incentivizes treachery and betrayal. Dwarka features a different tone, with a group of dwarves exploring a procedurally generated world in search of gold. The farther underground the team heads, the better the rewards and the higher the risks. Finally, Karoo is all about inventing. The physics-based construction game takes place in a multiplayer open world, allowing players to build with the help of their friends.

According to the Press Play website, anyone interested in participating must vote by September 1. To help sway voters, each of the three games has its own teaser trailer, prototype game footage, and concept art.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


Our Take:
Knoxville looks the most interesting to me, but all of three concepts have potential. As to this method of picking a game, it's exciting to see Press Play engaging its fan base. Hopefully, this initiative continues deeper into development.