Rumor: PS4 Update 3.0 Adding YouTube Broadcasts, Twitter Clips & More

by Matthew Kato on Aug 12, 2015 at 04:41 AM

Word from Japan is starting to leak out regarding PS4's 3.0 update, which Sony has yet to officially announce.

Apparently testers of the update's beta in Japan have revealed the details of the update, which includes:

  • Events have been added to your function items up top. These aggregate various unspecified PlayStation events
  • Communities are added to your Friends. You can join a community of gamers or make your own. You can chat and join parties from a community
  • Now Playing is where you can see what games or parties community members are in. From here you can start a game, join a party, etc. Now Playing can be accessed from multiple points in the PS4 menu
  • Broadcast gameplay on YouTube
  • Upload 10-sec (max) clips to Twitter
  • Post comments for activity feeds in What's New
  • Use stickers in messages to friends
  • All your PlayStation Plus benefits are grouped in a PS Plus function item. This includes all of your free monthly games, discounts, etc.
  • Can create a sub-account for minors

For the full details of what's rumored to be in the update, click the source link below.

[Source: PocketNews]


Our Take
While some of the functionality is certainly welcome, I hope these extra tabs and items don't needlessly gum up the interface. I think it's clean now, so hopefully it stays that way.