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Square Enix Hears Your Pleas For Localization, Dragon Quest Fans

by Mike Futter on Aug 05, 2015 at 12:49 PM

Last week, Square Enix announced a torrent of Dragon Quest titles. The only problem for Western fans is that none have been confirmed yet for release outside of Japan.

There's good news, though. Square Enix America and Europe president and CEO Phil Rogers knows you want those games.

Rogers tells us that localization decisions are a joint decision by both the Japanese and Western divisions of the mammoth company. "It's very much a cooperative decision and discussion," he says. "I think localization, we understand it's a very important topic. I think we're seeing more and more how gamers vote on what they prefer. It's eye-opening to us the business across the West, different languages and localization techniques that we use, but also in Japan. This next wave of games, it's great to get that feedback from gamers as to their preferences. Of course, we have to deliver on that. It's definitely a cooperative series of work."

As for the Dragon Quest games, while Rogers didn't offer any concrete news, he did offer some hope. "I think with Dragon Quest, it's a very humble team. For them to think that they have worldwide fans and people in the states and Europe who love Dragon Quest, I know their reaction will be one of complete humility. I think we are now and ever increasingly thinking about global business and think about gamers worldwide. I'm sure that as plans become more concrete and cemented, Western gamers will have good reason to get excited."

With so many titles announced, including both PlayStation 4 and 3DS versions of Dragon Quest XI, it's unlikely we'll see them all. However, with Dragon Quest Heroes and the recently announced Final Fantasy Explorers both headed to our shores, Square Enix does seem to be globalizing.

If so, the surprise success of Bravely Default hasn't been forgotten. Your ship might finally be coming in, Dragon Quest fans.