Bandai Namco Says There Are No Plans To Take Dragon Ball Xenoverse Offline At This Time

by Kyle Hilliard on Jul 28, 2015 at 03:41 PM

Some Dragon Ball Xenoverse players have encountered a message indicating the game's online services have ended. Bandai Namco says this is not the case.

Twitter users like @RyGuy176 took to twitter share images of a message that offered the following when trying to sign online:

Online service for "DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE" has ended. The following features will not be available.

  • Multi Lobby
  • Timespace Delivery
  • Registering favorites
  • Auto-Patrols

We reached out to Bandai Namco about the unexpected outtage and received the following statement:

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America is currently looking into the online connectivity and feature set limitation issues that some players may be experiencing with Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Players should expect full online functionality for Dragon Ball Xenoverse to be restored soon. There are no plans to sunset any online features for Dragon Ball Xenoverse at this time.

Bandai Namco also offered this reassuring tweet:

It seems the error message seen by many was delivered in error. For our review of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, head here.


Our Take
At not even a full year since release, to see Xenoverse's online services shut down already would be surprising. I had a decent time with the game, and haven't played online much since shortly after release, but I would be disappointed to see it go offline so quickly. Hopefully this is truly an error and not an indication of near-future plans.