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Major Splatoon Mode Update Paints The Town Red In August

by Mike Futter on Jul 27, 2015 at 03:04 AM

Splatoon keeps on getting bigger, with a significant update hitting next month. Nintendo has announced that the additional modes it promised before launch will be available for free on August 5.

Starting next week, players will be able to create Squad and Private battles. Squads allow friends to team up for ranked play. Private matches give hosts flexibility to create matches of up to eight players, with balanced or unbalanced teams.

The update brings a major bump to the level cap from 20 to 50 and ranks S and S+ beyond the current high of A+. Two new weapon types (not just variations of existing classes) will also be available.

The Slosher is a bucket that throws ink straight ahead at adjustable angles. There’s also the Splatling, a mini-gun style weapon that can be charged up. 

Forty new pieces of gear will also be available to further differentiate your Inkling. Nintendo promises a continuation of free content at least through the fall, with new weapons and maps as well as the yet to be detailed Rainmaker ranked battle mode.

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