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New Kickstarter Features Hotline Miami Action Figure

by Hershall Cook on Jul 21, 2015 at 11:50 AM

Last year, ESC Toy partnered with Devolver Digital and Dennaton Games to Kickstart the production of a 12-inch Jacket action figure. While that Kickstarter succeeded – it more than doubled its initial goal of $60,000 – many backers requested a Biker action figure be produced as well. At long last, ESC Toy has acknowledged those backers with its new Kickstarter.

The toy manufacturer's brand new 12-inch Biker features two interchangeable heads, a doll stand, fifteen points of articulation, two different weapons sets, and removable clothing. Biker costs $70 after a special $10 discount for the first one hundred backers. Anyone willing to spend $175 can purchase one of two Kickstarter exclusive variants. To take a closer look at the Hotline Miami character, check out the image below.

There are 32 days remaining until ESC Toy's Kickstarter finishes. Those interested in buying more figurines should consider this epic Godzilla action figure or these adorable Fallout toys. Otherwise, read our review for Hotline Miami 2.