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Watch One Of The Best Comebacks At EVO This Year

by Christian Belland on Jul 20, 2015 at 08:05 AM

The EVO Championship Series is the time for epic, come-from-behind victories. That's exactly what happened when Sleep NS squared off against UA My God in Killer Instinct. My God's Sabrewulf had Sleep NS' Kan-Ra against the ropes with under a minute to go. After a vicious combo, Kan-Ra only had a pixel of health left while Sabrewulf had an entire reserve bar. Just one hit, and Sleep NS would lose the match. Check out YouTube user AcidGlow's archive of those nerve-wracking 60 seconds:

It looked like My God was content to play conservative and let the match timer run out. However, the crowd started booing him and he got more aggressive. Sleep NS countered and went on the offensive, defeating him in 15 seconds.

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