Disney Teases Ant-Man For Infinity 3.0

by Mike Futter on Jul 17, 2015 at 11:20 AM

With Ant-Man out in theaters, you might be wondering how you can step into Scott Lang’s shoes. Today we’ve got a hint that there might be another option available this fall.

We already reported that you can buy Ant-Man as the 49th character for Marvel Heroes. For younger fans, it looks like he’s coming to Disney Infinity.

The image above went out via Disney’s social channels. Whether this means a character or a power disc isn’t clear yet, but given the intent to build hype, we’re guessing the former.

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[Source: Disney Infinity on Twitter]


Our Take
Given the Ant-Man movie, this seems like a logical choice to fill out the Marvel section of the roster. I’m interested to see how Avalanche and company adapt his powers to the Infinity universe.