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Quakecon To Host Five Charities, The Most In Convention's History

by Hershall Cook on Jul 14, 2015 at 09:35 AM

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of Quakecon, an annual convention hosted by publisher Zenimax Media. In celebration of the two past decades, Quakecon will be hosting five charities: American Red Cross, Take This, Dallas Pets Alive, Extra Life, and DFW Nerd Night.

Most people know of American Red Cross, a charity based on donating blood. Considering we perform an annual 24 hour live stream in the name of Extra Life, many readers have likely heard of that non-profit as well. Take This seeks to educate gamers on mental health issues, raising awareness at Quakecon by hosting a quiet room so stressed attendees can step away from the frenetic energy of the convention.

The other two non-profits attending the convention are local. Dallas Pets Alive aims to prevent the killing of companion animals by distributing programs and helping families adopt at-risk dogs and cats. At Quakecon, this non-profit will present a raffle for those who adopt one of their pets or donate to the organization. DFW Nerd Night chooses a new charity each month, supporting the selected charity through large gaming events. For July, they decided on Big Brothers & Sisters of North Texas.

Along with these charities, Quakecon features exciting new games from Bethesda Softworks and id Software. Last year we played an extended preview of Doom 4, and this year we look forward to playing an attendee-exclusive Fallout 4 demo.


Our Take:
Though the convention's focus remains the games themselves, Zenimax Media's willingness to host multiple charities cannot be overlooked. Hopefully, other conventions follow suit in the future.