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[Update] Interactive, 3D Warcraft Trailer Now Available On YouTube 360

by Kyle Hilliard on Jul 13, 2015 at 11:49 AM

Update: If you don't have Google Cardboard or a phone that can support the Legendary VR app, now there's a way to fly over Azeroth. Legendary has put the Warcraft trailer on YouTube with 360-degree functionality.

You need to view this in Google's Chrome browser, but once you have that open, have at it.

Original Story:

It's not a trailer per se, but it does offer a look at the World of Warcraft movie's visual direction in a novel way.

To see it, you will need to head here to grab Legendary's VR smartphone app, and then within the app, you can download The Skies of Azeroth experience. Ideally, you will want a contraption that places your phone a few inches in front of your eyes and allows your phone to move with your head like a headset. Without it though, you can do like I did and hold the phone a few inches in front of your face and move your phone with your head manually.

The "experience" is brief and has you looking down on crowded fantasy city form the back of a Gryphon. As you fly you can see other Gryphons with passengers flying around you. You can check out some screen grabs below.

The World of Warcraft film has completed filming and will be in theatres summer, 2016. You can find out a little more about the movie's plot here, as well as some promotional poster here.

[Source: Legendary, via NeoGAF]


Our Take
I am not a Warcraft fan and never dove into World of Warcraft, but I am a fan of Duncan Jones, the film's director, and have been getting increasingly excited about this film the more I learn about it. This is an odd way to offer a first look at the movie, but I like it.