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Reader Discussion: What's The Best Version Of Batman?

by Kyle Hilliard on Jul 11, 2015 at 01:55 PM

It's a loaded question. You can't love them all equally. What is your favorite version of Batman?

Some options include the ones seen above – the Batman: The Animated Series version, Chistopher Nolan's take on the Bat, and of course (the one likley at the forefront of your mind) the Arkham version of Batman from Rocksteady games. Some other options include any number of the comic books, like Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns Batman, or Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale Batman: The Long Halloween. There are also the odd choices, like Adam West's version of Batman form the 60s, or Batman Beyond from the future.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite? Does the Zack Snyder, Dawn of Justice version look promising? Let us know in the comments below – and try to pick just one if you can.