The Walking Dead Spreads To Two More Games

by Matthew Kato on Jul 08, 2015 at 04:35 AM

Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead is expanding to two different games – #IDARB and The Escapists – in their own special ways.

The Escapists The Walking Dead (shown) is standalone game by The Escapists developer Team17 featuring Rick Grimes and a band of survivors looking for a way out of danger. The game has the same timeline as the comics, so players will see locations they know and love.

The Escapists The Walking Dead comes out for Xbox One and PC this year.

Meanwhile, oddball indie title #IDARB are adding The Walking Dead and Invincible (another Kirkman comic) content via a single add-on pack. Each comic gets their own arena, teams, hashbombs, half-time games, and sounds in #IDARB.

The pack's release date and price will be announced later this summer.


Our Take
We're obviously used to games seeing The Walking Dead visually portrayed in a certain realistic way, but it's nice to see the property being used in conjunction with gameplay that's also not as straightforward.