Batgirl And Robin Team Up In Batman: Arkham Knight - A Matter Of Family DLC Trailer

by Mike Futter on Jul 08, 2015 at 03:53 AM

Batgirl needs help, and The Joker has threatened to kill the captive Commissioner Gordon if Batman shows his pointy ears. Thankfully, there are other allies she can call upon.

In this trailer for the upcoming Batgirl: A Matter of Family DLC, we see Barbara Gordon team up with Robin to take down Joker and Harley. You’ll be able to play this prequel story beginning on July 14 for season pass holders on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

You can also purchase it a la carte for $6.99 on those platforms. That option will become available on July 21. The Batgirl DLC was developed by WB Montréal (Batman: Arkham Origins), with the remainder of the add-on content under development at Rocksteady.

The PC version, developed by Iron Galaxy, is still not fully repaired. It was removed from Steam and other storefronts. WB Games has yet to discuss timing for the game's return to sale.

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