Images Of Alleged Sony/Nintendo PlayStation Prototype Appear Online

by Andrew Reiner on Jul 03, 2015 at 07:27 AM

Following the success of the Super Nintendo, in 1988 Nintendo contracted Sony to create a CD-based add-on for its console, but the product, which was supposedly called the SNES-CD, never saw the light of day. Nintendo went on to work with Phillips on the atrocious Zelda games for the CD-i player, and Sony decided to jump into the video game market with its PlayStation console.

After the Nintendo/Sony CD project was canceled, rumors swirled through the industry that working prototypes existed, but the machine had never been seen in the wild...until now. Images of the prototype appeared on Reddit and Assembler Games overnight by someone who clams to be the son of a businessman who worked for Sony. This machine, if real, is priceless, and shows us just how close Sony and Nintendo came to co-releasing a system. Hopefully we find out soon whether it still functions and what's on that cartridge.

Our Take
This finding is one of the rarest pieces of video game history to see the light of day. Hopefully it offers us more insight into Nintendo and Sony's abandoned hardware partnership from the '90s.