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Today's Minecraft Update Adds New Blocks, Options On Consoles

by Jeff Cork on Jul 01, 2015 at 04:48 AM

Folks who are still plugging away at the console version of Minecraft will have a host of new options and blocks to work with following today's update. Highlights include the ability to use old-school crafting, stained glass, and change in-game options without exiting the game.

The update, which brings the game to the easily remembered version 1.17/TU25/CU14, might be enough to drag veteran players back into the game as well. The biggest change is the option to swap from the streamlined crafting system built for console to the old-school way. For the uninitiated, crafters didn't just place a recipe's required ingredients on the crafting table and call it good; the components would have to be arranged in a particular way before you'd get your ladder, axe, or what have you.

The update also lets players change game difficulty, spawn position, weather, and more without having to exit and reload the game session. There are also a bunch of new items to mess around with, including books and quills, stained glass, and new trapdoors. Take a look at Mojang's page for the full details on the free update.

[Source: Mojang. Thanks for the tip, Sir YOLO Swagger Bottom!]


Our Take
I'm happy to see Minecrafters getting the tools they need to make cool stuff – even those masochists who might actually prefer the classic crafting. I'll continue to appreciate their work from the sidelines, since my buildings are usually crude placeholders.