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Protoype Game Allison Road Instantly Recalls P.T.

by Kyle Hilliard on Jul 01, 2015 at 03:27 PM

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A small developer, Lilith Ltd., recently released a prototype video for its game Allison Road, and it instantly reminds of P.T. in a welcome and terrifying way.

As the title of the gameplay demo video implies, the game is still in the prototype phase. In the demo, a faceless character wakes up in their home and explores the highly detailed environment as strange noises and other phenomenon puts the viewer increasingly on edge.

According to the game's Facebook page, it began as a, "one-man hobby project," in September 2014 but has since grown to include six team members. The game's not very along, but VR support is already promised.

[Source: Allison Road on YouTube, Allison Road on Facebook, via Polygon]


Our Take
Just watching the YouTube video inspires chills, so I imagine being in control would make the experience all the more affecting. I'm glad to see someone looking to P.T. for inspiration. Konami should think about doing that, too.