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Nintendo Knows You Aren’t Happy About Metroid Prime Federation Force

by Mike Futter on Jul 01, 2015 at 02:35 AM

If there’s one thing Nintendo fans were clear about heading into E3, it’s that they wanted a new Metroid game. Some ambitious diehards were holding out hope for both a 3D and 2D entry.

During Nintendo’s digital presentation, fans watched as Nintendo honored the request for more Metroid. Unfortunately, Metroid Prime Federation Force, a multiplayer game for 3DS isn’t what people wanted.

Speaking with Mashable, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime fielded a question about reaction to the title. “What the fan at home saw was something in the Metroid Prime universe that they weren't expecting,” Fils-Aime says. “The reaction has been negative. There's no sugar coating it.”

Nintendo is hoping that fans give the game a chance, even though it isn’t what they want. In fact, some have attempted to convince the company to outright cancel the title via petition.

"This is an example where fans who aren't able to get their hands on the game may be at a bit of a competitive disadvantage,” Fils-Aime says in defense of the title. “Everyone who has played what we are showing regarding Metroid Prime, they've come across really pleased. My ask is that fans trust us.”

For more on Nintendo’s tightrope walk between innovation and gimmick, you can read an opinion piece from earlier this week by Ben Reeves. You can also read our hands-on impressions of the game.

Correction: This post originally had the incorrect name of the game. It has been fixed, and we regret the error.

[Source: Mashable]


Our Take
With fans so excited for a new Metroid game, Federation Force feels like a bigger let down than if the franchise weren’t mentioned at all. It might have some redeeming qualities, but it isn’t Samus Aran’s next big adventure and that is what long-time fans are aching for.