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Here Are Two Reasons Why You Should Watch Star Wars Rebels

by Andrew Reiner on Jul 01, 2015 at 01:13 PM

I've been banging the "YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO WATCH STAR WARS REBELS" drum since the show debuted last year. The show brings back the fun of Star Wars' original trilogy, but is a hard sell given its cartoony look. Throughout the entire first season, I couldn't find a short clip I could show friends and coworkers that accurately captured what I loved about the show. I now have that footage.

Disney and LucasFilm released two teaser videos for Star Wars Rebels' second season that put Darth Vader in the spotlight and show just how awesome this show can be. Vader isn't a constant throughout the show, and doesn't appear until the end of the first season, but these clips also show the little touches, camerawork, and dialogue that remind me of the original trilogy.

If you missed the first season of Star Wars Rebels, you can watch it on Disney XD, iTunes, or buy it on Blu-Ray and DVD when they release on September 1. You can watch the first episode of season two right now on iTunes. Without further delay, check out the videos below to see Vader in his prime.