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[Update] Bethesda Reveals Pip-Boy Measurements So You Can Find Out If You Need A New Phone

by Mike Futter on Jul 01, 2015 at 11:46 AM

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Update: Following last week's note that larger smartphones won't fin in the collectible Pip-Boy housing, Bethesda has revealed the measurements and pictures of the foam inserts. This should help those who don't have one of the phones on the list below.

Bethesda lists the measurements as 141.2mm (tall) x 71.6mm (wide) x 10.2mm (thick) without any of the foam inserts. If you have an iPhone 6, you already know that your 138.1 x 67x 6.9 mm device will fit. The iPhone 6 Plus measures 158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1 mm and the Samsung S6 is 143.4 x 70.5 x 6.8 mm. Even without the inserts, those aren't not going to work, as they are too tall (or, if put in a Pip-Boy, long).

Thanks to the measurements though, you can figure out if your phone will work. Happy travels, Vault Dweller! (You can click each of the images below to enlarge them.)

Original Story:

Bethesda has announced what phone models are compatible with the collector’s Pip-Boy edition. If you sprung for the iPhone 6+ or similarly sized phone, you’re out of luck.

According to Bethesda, there will be foam inserts designed to house the iPhone 6, iPhone 5 and 5s, iPhone 4 and 4s, Samsung Galaxy 4 and 5, and similarly sized phones will work. The larger iPhone 6+ and other large phones are a no-go, unfortunately.

“As we wanted to stay faithful to the dimensions of the in-game model, any smartphones larger than the models listed will not fit inside the wearable device,” the company writes. “For these larger devices, our Pip-Boy companion app will still be available.”

The Pip-Boy edition is sold out at most retailers, and Bethesda does not expect any more stock to become available. Final inventory details for European territories are still being worked out. The publisher recommends staying tuned via its Twitter account for the most current information.

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[Source: Bethesda]


Our Take
I love my iPhone 6+, but this makes me lament my decision to go with the larger model. I’m tempted to pick up an iPhone 4 inexpensively just to put inside the Pip-Boy.