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Rebellion Announces Battlezone 1998 Remaster

by Christian Belland on Jun 29, 2015 at 09:06 AM

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Developer Rebellion announced today that it is remastering Battlezone, the 1998 PC remake of the arcade game. The studio is also currently working on a virtual reality version, based on Atari's 1980 original.

When Atari filed for bankruptcy in 2013, Rebellion scooped up the Battlezone franchise. The developer announced this remaster in a letter to their fans, noting that "we’ve read your comments, articles, emails and posts and we’ve seen your love for these games." The studio went on to say that fans of both the arcade version and the PC version of Battlezone have "not been forgotten."

Details are scarce about this remaster, but Rebellion promises more information at a later date.


Our Take
The Battlezone franchise is the definition of classic, so it's great that a new generation will get a chance to blow up some space communists. The game should pair nicely with Rebellion's more arcade-focused VR Battlezone project. Sniper Elite III was a solid action game, so Battlezone looks to be in good hands. It's always nice when a studio acknowledges what the fans are asking for and follows through.