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Having Trouble With Battlefield Hardline DLC On PS4? You’re Not Alone

by Mike Futter on Jun 26, 2015 at 09:44 AM

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If you’re having problems downloading and playing the Criminal Activity DLC for Battlefield Hardline, the issue isn’t with your account or system. Players who own the digital Ultimate Edition on PlayStation 4 have reported that they cannot access the content.

The problems don’t seem to be affecting retail copies or those that own the digital standard or deluxe versions. According to Visceral Games multiplayer producer Zach Mumbach, the team has been aware of the issues since June 20.

“Right now we are looking at all the digital versions on PS4 to make sure everyone can download,” Mumbach writes. “Best update I can give you right now.“  

An update posted on June 24 suggests that there is no new information to share. “Catching up today it seems like the questions people have right now are the PS4 Digital Ultimate issue, which I just don't have any new info on and can't really talk about,” he writes. 

Mumbach points out later he is a content producer, and this is technical support issue. “I understand the frustration but as I said earlier, I am not authorized to speak on that issue,” he says. “It's a tech support issue on a specific sku on a specific platform. For reference; I am the content producer. I work on the team that makes maps, modes, guns, gadgets, or any other IN GAME content. The PS4 Ultimate issue is not something I have any control over at this point so when people keep asking me about it I don't know what to tell you. I'm not happy about it, believe me, I want you playing the content that the team and I worked very hard to make. Sorry, I wish I had a better answer or solution for you.”

We’ve reached out to EA and will update should we receive a response.

[Source: Battlelog via Polygon]


Our Take
When there are tech problems like this, the last people you want to impact are those that ponied up for the base game and all the DLC at launch. EA needs to get in front of this problem and figure out how its going to prevent more people from asking Sony for refunds. Some posters have allegedly found success going that route, and it’s a bad look for the publisher.