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e3 2015

King Leoric Brings Potent New Abilities To Heroes Of The Storm

by Daniel Tack on Jun 18, 2015 at 01:50 PM

As part of the upcoming Diablo-themed Eternal Conflict expansion for Heroes of the Storm, King Leoric will be joining the hero roster. We took a look at Leoric's movesets and skills, and he looks absolutely insane (I would wager there will be a balance patch shortly after his release).

First off, there's Leoric's trait: Undying. Whenever Leoric dies, he stays where he dies and can move around and even continue to use his abilities (though they won't do damage while he's immaterial), and after a short time Leoric will simply come back to life. It's important to note that although this does seem incredibly powerful, enemy teams still get full experience points for a Leoric kill, so if there's a situation where Leoric starts getting really aggressive, the experience swing could be fairly nasty.

Leoric has an arcing swing that's great for taking on minions, a life drain tether that gives Leoric a huge edge in any 1on1 confrontation, and a ghostly teleport that he can use to either chase down foes or escape.

Leo's ultimate choices are interesting - one brings up gates that function as impassable walls, allowing Leoric and his team to essentially capture and control foes to burn them down, with the level 20 effect adding spikes to the gates. The other, March of the Black King, basically annihilates everything in front of Leoric, with the level 20 effect adding the drain tether to enemies hit. Yeah, pretty crazy.

Diablo's Monk will also be joining Leoric in Eternal Conflict, and we may see some other Diablo faces show up as well. Personally, I'm holding out for a Deckard Cain reveal - that guy will rule the battlefield!