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Microsoft Asks Which 360 Games You Want To Be Backwards Compatible

by Matt Miller on Jun 17, 2015 at 07:03 AM

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On Monday, we learned that Microsoft is enacting backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, allowing players to begin playing their already purchased 360 games on the new console. However, the functionality is not going to be available for every title in the 360 catalog. Before finalizing the selection of games, Microsoft wants to know which games you’d like to see make their way to Xbox One.

Microsoft already announced a list of several titles that are already planned, and are already available in testing for Xbox Preview members, including titles like Mass Effect and Super Meat Boy. If you’d like to make your voice heard about other titles, you can head over to the survey and cast your vote. Be careful; the default organization of titles seems to have the ones that are already most popular in the voting listed at the top of the list. You can be yet another voice for Red Dead Redemption, but it seems likely that opinion has already been heard. But if you’re hoping for Armored Core V to make the grade? You and your friends have got some work to do.


Our Take
It’s smart for Microsoft to involve its community in the choice of what titles get attention first within the 360 catalog. Not only does it provide the company some helpful feedback, but by voting on a thing, people tend to care about the outcome, so Microsoft is simultaneously raising the visibility of its backwards compatibility program.