e3 2015

[Trailer Added] Heroes Of The Storm: Eternal Conflict Expansion Detailed

by Matt Miller on Jun 17, 2015 at 11:47 AM

Eternal Conflict broadens the new MOBA with new characters and battlegrounds, and it’s coming in just two weeks to the public test realm. The expansion focuses on characters and settings drawn from the Diablo franchise.

King Leoric the Skeleton King, from Diablo III, is one of the new heroes making his way to the expansion. When he dies, he becomes a wraith that stays on the battlefield. By doing damage, he doesn’t hurt the enemy forces, but  instead lowers his own death timer. 

The Monk is another character being added to the game, and by playing the character, Blizzard states that you'll have a much broader array of abilities to choose between as the game begins.