e3 2015

Microsoft Says All DLC, Cross-Platform Multiplayer Should Work For Backward Compatible Titles

by Mike Futter on Jun 16, 2015 at 10:57 AM

During a conversation today with Microsoft corporate vice president Kudo Tsunoda, we learned more about the new backward compatibility feature. The emulation is intended to completely mimic playing on Xbox 360, complete with cloud saves and other features.

"It's just like playing a version of the Xbox 360 game on your Xbox One," Tsunoda says. "Any of the things in terms of multiplayer, you'll still be able to play both with people on Xbox One who are running the content and also those who are playing on Xbox 360. Those just work well together."

We also inquired about add-on content, including cosmetic DLC and substantial game expansions. We're told those should make the transition without issue.

"That all comes available, as well," Tsunoda says. A Microsoft representative also told us that the DLC content should appear in the library alongside the games when they are added to the backward compatibility roster. "Everything is still there," the representative tells us.

The backward compatibility feature allows users to record footage, take screenshots, and stream using Twitch, as if users were playing an Xbox 360 game. That roster is set to expand, possibly quickly, as no work is required from the publisher or developer. They need only grant permission.

Tsunoda doesn't see roadblocks to getting those titles on the system, but acknowledges that each developer and publisher will need to determine what's right for their games. "Personally, I believe it's great to have any of these games in our backward compatibility program," he tells us. "But as for any reason that a publisher or developer would say no, that's good stuff to talk to them about."