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e3 2015

Guilds Get Expanded In Guild Wars 2: Heart Of Thorns

by Christian Belland on Jun 16, 2015 at 04:58 PM

Colin Johanson, game director at ArenaNet, presented some Guild Wars 2 footage at the PC gaming conference tonight. Johanson gave us a wealth of details about the expanded guild features in the expansion, Heart of Thorns.

Guild Halls were the centerpiece of the presentation. Particularly intrepid guilds can reclaim territory in the new Maguuma Jungle zone and build their Guild Halls from the ground up. Gameplay footage showed players customizing spaces with trees and other types of terraforming.

Guild Halls also have fighting arenas for sparring matches. The expansion is adding guild leaderboards, where groups can face off for those coveted top slots. Any players interested in making equipment for their guild's adventures can use a special crafting space in their Halls. Additionally, guilds can participate in world PvP together, including Heart of Thorns' new Stronghold game mode. Captured objectives such as castles will provide bonuses to their side, like offensive airships.

Johanson also announced that pre-purchasing Heart of Thorns will guarantee access to beta events. Pre-purchase is live right now.