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e3 2015

EA Investing In New Projects, Not Remasters Like Mass Effect

by Mike Futter on Jun 16, 2015 at 04:34 PM

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We sat down today to speak with EA's Patrick Söderlund about all things EA. During our talk, we asked him about whether the publisher had considered remastering any of its titles for a the latest consoles.

Talk of a Mass Effect remastered trilogy had been rumored, but another E3 keynote has gone by without that announcement. While Söderlund didn't rule it out (he declined to comment), fans might want to start making peace with the idea it might not happen.

"I won't lie and say we haven't looked at it," Söderlund told us. "But for us, it's about weighing where we spend our resources. Is it better for them to be working on a completely new IP, which you know BioWare is, or should they be remastering a Mass Effect?"

Söderlund says there are times when remasters are appropriate and there are certainly those he has personally enjoyed, citing Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Remastered. He also mentioned that sometimes the memory of those games in their time and place are an important part of the experience.

"I don't know about you, but sometimes when I go back and play a game, you want the memory of what they were at that point in time when you played them," Söderlund says. "If I go back and play the old games, I think, 'Really?!' Was this what it was? Because in my mind it was amazing."

We asked specifically asked whether conversations about a Mass Effect remaster were ongoing, as it has been on the top of many gamers' remaster wish list. Unfortunately, Söderlund declined to comment.