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e3 2015

[Video Added] New Uncharted 4 Video Shows Off Vehicle Chase

by Daniel Tack on Jun 15, 2015 at 04:37 PM

During the Sony press conference at E3 2014, viewers got their first look at some new Uncharted 4 goodies.

Pushing through a crowd, Drake and Sully get into a dangerous firefight featuring explosions, gunfire, and plenty of hiding under destructible cover. The shootout continues as Drake run-and-guns through some interior environments, getting into a brutal melee fistfight with some of Raeph's goons.

Drake and Sully hop into a car and begin driving around under heavy fire, shooting down back alleys and offstreets in an attempt to dodge deadly enemy vehicles. The chase continues for some time, with Drake and Sully getting into some real trouble piloting the vehicle around a construction site in an attempt to get away.