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e3 2015

Super Smash Bros. Character, Mii Fighter Costumes, And Stages Price Breakdown

by Mike Futter on Jun 14, 2015 at 05:28 AM

Nintendo has announced a number of new DLC options for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS. Included are a host of new Mii Fighter costumes and stages (as well as the previously reported characters). There are a number of pricing options, so we're making sense of them for you.

First up, the Mii Fighter costumes. Nintendo announced crossovers with Tekken, Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man Zero, Animal Crossing, Virtua Fighter, and Splatoon. Here's the full list from front to back on the image above:

  • Inkling Girl (Splatoon)
  • Jackie (Virtual Fighter)
  • MegaMan.EXE (Mega Man Battle Network)
  • Isabelle (Animal Crossing)
  • Zero (Mega Man Zero)
  • Inkling Boy (Splatoon)
  • Squid Had (Splatoon)
  • Akira (Virtua Fighter)
  • Heihachi (Tekken)

Individual Price: $.75 per platform or $1.15 for both platforms

Bundle Price: $6 per platform or $9.20 for both platforms

Nintendo also announced a Dreamland stage releasing today. This is $1.99 per platform or $2.99 for both Wii U and 3DS in a bundle.

Roy and Lucas are $3.99 per platform or $4.99 for both Wii U and 3DS in a bundle. Ryu includes the Suzaku Castle stage for $5.99 per platform or $6.99 for both in a bundle.

For those looking to get everything at once, there are single and dual-platform bundles available. A Wii U or 3DS bundle of the DLC will cost you $21.96 (which isn't a savings beyond the Mii Fighter bundle pricing). Purchasing for both platforms will cost you $29.16, a savings of $2.