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e3 2015

Id Software Shows Off Doom Multiplayer And Community-Driven Doom Snapmap

by Brian Shea on Jun 14, 2015 at 04:40 PM

During today's Bethesda E3 media briefing, id Software gave fans a brief glimpse of what the multiplayer offerings for the upcoming Doom will look like. While the gore and fast-paced action we've come to expect from the franchise were ever-present, id also put on display a way to let players flex their creativity within Doom.

Id Software is aiming to deliver fast-paced, arena-style combat that takes players from a facility on Mars to the depths of hell. Players are able to battle it out in modes ranging from domination to freeze tag to clan arena. The multiplayer is said to feature vertical movement and unique weapons and power-ups.

During the brief demo, we saw players wielding rocket launchers, machine guns, and other weapons that made their enemies explode into a pulp. We also saw a player in the role of a Revenant as it used its mounted weaponry and picked up a pentagram power-up.

The game also features Doom Snapmap, an infrastructure that enables every player to build and share creations within multiplayer. Players can craft their own modes and maps using tools that id touts requires no expertise. Id showed off player-created survival and deathmatch modes, and claims that players can easily create or modify maps and modes to provide a steady stream of fresh content within the community. Within Doom Snapmap, players are able to share their created content instantly with friends and the greater Doom community. 

Doom is set to hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Spring 2016.