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e3 2015

[Trailer Added] Fallout Shelter-Management Mobile Game Out Now On iOS

by Kyle Hilliard on Jun 14, 2015 at 05:18 PM

Alongside Bethesda's many Fallout 4 announcements comes news of a new mobile game, where you manage a shelter.

The game is out now on iOS and Android some time later. In the game, you manage a vault and its dwellers to try and make sure everyone is happy. The game is inspired by games like Little Computer People, XCOM, SimCity, and FTL.

Every dweller in your vault has full stats that you can level up. You can get them new outfits and items, and they can reproduce to make new vault dwellers. You can send people out into the wasteland, build all kinds of new rooms (like a bar that raises charisma, and classrooms to raise intelligence). You will also have to look out for raiders and attacks from creatures.

The game will not require online connectivity, or have a timer, or paywall, but you can buy lunchboxes full of random loot if you want. The game is available now.