e3 2015

[Trailer Added] Arkane Studios Officially Announces Dishonored 2

by Ben Reeves on Jun 14, 2015 at 07:25 PM

The cat might have gotten out of the bag a little early, but now we officially know that Arkane Studios is working on Dishonored 2.

While on stage, the company showed a trailer for Dishonored 2 that had a player running through a derelict city, teleporting over rooftops, and sneaking into houses to eliminate targets. The main character then tries to assassinate a man who's being guarded by a couple of steampunk robots. She then slows down time before engaging in hand-to- hand combat and then teleporting down a staircase. The house moves and shifts about as she moves to finish the kill using some kind of new smoke power. 

The empire of the isle is in danger of being overthrown by an usurper and players travel to a new area and hunt down new villains with either Corvo or a new character named Emily. the game features new weapons, gadgets, and powers.

The game is coming to PC Xbox One and PS4 at some unannounced date.