Shadow Warrior 2 On The Way From Flying Wild Hog

by Kyle Hilliard on Jun 10, 2015 at 02:48 PM

A sequel is in the works from the same team that rebooted the franchise in 2013.

Along with a pair of tweets form the official Shadow Warrior twitter account reading, "THE WANG HYPE IS REAL," and "Who wants some more Wang?" displays a gigantic number two with some gameplay footage playing in the background. The twitter account's icon has also been changed to reflect the giant dragon two.

The first Shadow Warrior (a reboot of a classic shooter franchise) was released in 2013, and released on consoles last year.

[Source: @ShadowWarrior,]


Our Take
I admit I didn't play 2013's Shadow Warrior, nor did I play the original, but the game was a source of numerous funny gifs and videos online, so I am familiar, at least, with the game's sense of humor. It's also always nice to see smaller development studios find success.