Koei Tecmo Releases Video For Hyrule Warriors All-Stars On 3DS

by Mike Futter on Jun 10, 2015 at 05:07 AM

Nintendo and Koei Tecmo are teaming up again. This time, they are bringing the quest to free Hyrule in traditional Musou style to the 3DS.

The title features new characters, including The Wind Waker's Tetra and the King of Red Lions. Both can be imported to the Wii U version if you have both.

The visual style is reminiscent of Super Smash Bros' for 3DS' more stylized look, with thick black outlines. We've reached out to Nintendo for more information, but given that the video says that this was announced at E3, this might have slipped through early. Given that note though, it's a good bet this is coming to North America. 

For more on Hyrule Warriors, check out our review of the Wii U version.


Our Take
If this is one of Nintendo's 3DS surprises, it's a good one. I love the Musou series and have enjoyed Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U. One big question lingers: Is this a New 3DS exclusive?