e3 2015

XSeed Announces E3 Lineup, Including Earth Defense Force 4.1 For PlayStation 4

by Mike Futter on Jun 05, 2015 at 10:18 AM

XSeed has confirmed its lineup for E3 this month, as well as release windows for all of the titles it's bringing. Topping the list is the bug-sqaushing mayhem of Earth Defense Force 4.1, which will be available this year for PlayStation 4.

The offerings span systems and genres, and include the previously announced Corpse Party: Blood Drive and Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space for Vita. Here's the full lineup.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive (Vita) - Fall 2015
The third and final game in the Heavenly Host trilogy is a narrative-heavy horror game. The title features binaural audio to maximize the impact while wearing headphones.

Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space (Vita) - Fall 2015
Earth Defence Force 2 will be released in the west for the first time with four-player cooperative play, a new class, and English voiceovers.

Earth Defense Force 4.1 - The Shadow of New Despair (PS4) - Fall 2015
This updated version of Earth Defense Force 2025 marks the series first current-gen appearance. It sports improved performance, new content amounting to more than 50 percent of the original, two-player local co-op, and four player online co-op.

The Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (PS3, Vita) - Fall 2015
The Legend of Heroes comes west again. This story takes place in the same world and continent as Trails in the Sky. The title will support cross-save between PS3 and Vita.

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos (PS4) - Summer 2015
Vampire sisters (sorry, this says "buxom vampire sisters") will face off against zombies. This marks the series premiere on current-gen consoles, and will support English and original Japanese voiceovers.

Return to PololoCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairy Tale (3DS) - Winter 2015
This upcoming farming and life-simulation game for 3DS also features turn-based combat, 600 items, and almost 100 quests across over 25 hours of play.

Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson (3DS) - Summer 2015
The Senran Kagura 2.5D brawler series featurs "high-flying, clothes-ripping battle mechancis." One player can control two fighters at once, or two players can team up for co-op.

Senran Kagura: Estival Versus (PS4, Vita) - Winter 2015
This version of the Senran Kagura series supports ten players online on PS4 and four players on Vita.