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This Week In Mobile: Love, Astronauts, And Lara Croft

by Christian Belland on Jun 05, 2015 at 07:36 AM

For this week in the mobile sphere, a stranded astronaut desperately needs some help and a certain gaming heroine works on her cardio. If that wasn't dramatic enough, there's a lonely white circle under constant assault from an army of devious black circles. Take a break from The Witcher 3 and give these mobile gems a peek.

Always Sometimes Monsters
Developer: Devolver Digital
Platform(s): iOS
Price: $2.99

No, this isn’t a classic SNES role-playing game. Despite the 16-bit aesthetic, Always Sometimes Monsters is a story about love, loss, and the trials of the modern world. Choose from characters of all different races, genders, and sexual orientations. Even the smallest decisions can cause the story to deviate in many different ways. Anyone burned out from saving the world for the millionth time will love ASM’s modern, atypical narrative. This is a recent port from PC. For the more Steam inclined, here's a link to the original.

Developer: Three Minute Games
Platform(s): iOS
Price: $2.99

Lifeline is a text-based adventure that deals with Taylor, an astronaut stranded on an alien moon, and his fight for survival. Taylor updates players in real-time with text notifications about his ordeal. As Taylor’s sole contact in his cold corner of space, players must help him make decisions that could have life-or-death consequences. This gripping story was written by Dave Justus, who is responsible for the comic book adaptation of The Wolf Among Us.

Developer: Simple Machine
Platform(s): iOS, Android
Price: Free

Swipe. Move. Smove? On the lighter side of things, there’s Smove from developer Simple Machine. Players swipe to maneuver a white dot around a 3x3 grid, all while dodging black dots and collecting those delightful blue squares. Gameplay is quick, satisfying, and utterly addictive.

Lara Croft:  Relic Run
Developer: Square Enix
Platform(s): iOS, Android
Price: Free

Square Enix gives endless runners the AAA treatment in our favorite tomb raider’s latest mobile outing. Navigate Lara through a variety of detailed locales, from windswept desert cities to lush jungles. She can parkour over obstacles, drive vehicles, and even use her signature pistols to fend off those pesky dinosaurs. Smooth animations and some epic set pieces put this one head and shoulders above the Temple Run clones. Read our preview of the game here.