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Disney Playmation Is An Avengers-Powered Toys-To-Life Game For More Active Play

by Mike Futter on Jun 02, 2015 at 11:16 AM

Disney Infinity is entering its third year this fall, as the Star Wars galaxy is set to join the fun. Today, Disney announced that Infinity won't be the only toys-to-life game the company will release in 2015.

Disney Playmation isn't a video game, at least not in the traditional sense. Players put on one of the smart toys (the starter kit comes with an Iron Man repulsor glove), and a combination of the wearable, motion sensors, and bluetooth connectivity.

You don't need an internet connection, PC, or console, and the toys function outside. The Avengers set comes with a number of missions for one or two players, issued by Avengers AI JARVIS. Future sets will tie in with Star Wars in 2016 and Frozen in 2017.

There is a companion app, but it isn't necessary. It's useful though, as it tracks player progress.

There are also toys, called "smart figures" that work with a "power activator" base. These allow you to access new missions, fight alongside and against different characters and, according to the Playmation website, allow you to unlock new abilities.

Based on the image of the packaging, there are a number of other figures coming, including Iron Man, MODOK, Falcon, Vision, Hawkeye, and Black Widow. There is also an Ultron Prowler Bot on wheels that tracks the Repulsor gear.

Disney Playmation is coming in October 2015. The starter pack, which comes with one Repulsor gear, Captain America, Red Skull, and two activators, will retail for $119.99. Additional figures are priced at $14.99, and the Prowler Bot carries a price of $39.99.


Our Take
This reminds me a lot of the Laser Tag guns I had as a kid. One of my friends had the large Laser Tag base that essentially served as a stationary AI with its own health meter. That seems similar to the Prowler Bot, except the Playmation version has wheels and can track players.

If I were a kid, I'd be all over this for Hannukah. As an adult, I might want to keep this hidden from my son. I'd have a hard time saying "no" to this.