Molyneux Shifts To Creative Director Role As 22Cans Promotes New CEO

by Jeff Cork on May 28, 2015 at 05:13 AM

Peter Molyneux is stepping away from the CEO position at his 22Cans studio, handing over the reins to the company's executive director, Simon Phillips. According to Phillips, the leadership change will give Molyneux more time to focus on the creative side of the business. 

The studio's most recent game, Godus, was a god-style game that took broad inspiration from Molyneux's classic Populous. When it released, it was lacking many of the features that were promised in its Kickstarter pitch, something that Molyneux and the studio acknowledged and apologized for.

Philips says that now that Molyneux doesn't have to focus on managing the business as a whole, he can now help steer the team to get them back on track creatively. That includes wrapping up development on Godus as well as working on their new project, The Trail. 



Our Take
Molyneux is one of the industry's most captivating speakers, but he hasn't been able to deliver on his lofty ideas and promises for years now. Removing the burden of running the company gives him one less worry – as well as one fewer excuse if 22Cans continues to disappoint.