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The Kirkhammer, Multiplayer, And Storage Limits Tweaked In Latest Bloodborne Patch

by Mike Futter on May 26, 2015 at 10:40 AM

There's playing Bloodborne, and then there's playing Bloodborne with the Kirkhammer. If you're doing the latter (and if so, you are to be commended), you'll be happy to know that your weapon of choice just got a bit more useful.

While the update history on your PlayStation 4 will only tell you that 1.04 brings improved balance and various bug fixes, the finer details revail a host of tweaks and changes. Currently, only the Japanese patch notes are available, however the Bloodborne Wiki offers a clean translation.

A number of weapons have been adjusted, with the Kirkhammer and Logarius' Wheel now consuming less stamina, the Rifle Spear receiving a damage increase, and arcane items buffed almost across the board. The update also changes the Insight fountain, so that it appears with only one point instead of the old minimum of ten.

Multiplayer among friends received a major change, with the level requirement abolished. As long as you use password matching, you can team up. Also, having a different oath as a friend will no longer inhibit matching.

Blood Stone Chunks are now available for purchase at the Insight store, too. This will allow you to level more items up to +9 (the highest without rare blood stones). 

Finally, that pesky "storage full" message should appear less frequently. You can now store up to 600 vials and quicksilver bullets. For more on Bloodborne, check out our review.

[Source: PlayStation (Japan), Bloodborne Wiki]


Our Take
I just finished Bloodborne this weekend, and while some of these improvements would have been handy, I'm glad they'll be in place for New Game+. That stamina change to Kirkhammer will go a long way for me, and the storage issue might have been the one that annoyed me the most after the load screen times were reduced. I'm glad to see the game continues to improve.

Also, if you are still playing, I recommend the Bloodborne Wiki. It's a great repository for lore and other quirks.