2K Games Teases New Game With Advent Website

by Ben Reeves on May 25, 2015 at 09:26 AM

Could the next game from 2K be a medical procedural? Not likely, but the publisher is prepping to announce a new game, and the only clue we have to go on at this point is something called Advent Administration.

2K Games has recently started tweeting about a medical and gene therapy company called Advent Administration. The official site says that, "The Advent Administration strives to create a world free from hunger, pain, sickness, and war. We believe in a global community of happy and comfortable citizens."

Check out the tweets below. Could this be a new BioShock? A new XCOM? An entirely new property? What's your guess?

[Source: @2K]


Our Take
This is exciting. Obviously, we don't have much to go on, but I bet we'll know more about this mystery game at E3.